FIFA 14: Top 34 free-kick takers


When it comes to playing FIFA 14,Cheap Fifa Coins set-pieces can often be the difference between winning and losing – particularly in FUT.

And, with two minutes left in the game and a chance falling your way from 25-yards out, you need to make sure you get the right player standing over the ball.

There are plenty of smart moves you can incorporate to get your way to goal, but when the pressure’s on, the best way to do it is just hit shoot and hope for the best.

How realistic this hope you hold is depends on who is pulling the trigger. GiveMeSport decided to make your life easy, and tell you the 34 (yes, 34) best players to utilise in such a situation.

Whether it’s a slightly weaker player sat on the bench ready to come on if required at the last, or a big name who has already scored a hat-trick, these are the names you need to be looking for next time your in the transfer market.

Don’t forget, players in-form ARE included in this list, so that’s something else to look out for. And, it’s worth tipping the cap to FUTHead, who produce unparalleled stats on players in the EA Sports game.

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